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Urban Compost Tumbler

The Urban Compost Tumbler comes in two sizes (versions). Both have the same identical design with the central aeration system, however they are made differently and one is a little smaller. The UCT-9 is our full size composter with the barrel and stand made of all plastic (HTPE). The UCT-7 is a little smaller and uses a recycled commodities barrel on a stand either made of plastic lumber (Trex®) or pressure treated lumber as an option.

For more detail information on things such as shipping, return policies, and warranty see our CUSTOMER SERVICE PAGE. For more information, purchasing options and product pictures, see their product pages; UCT-9 and UCT-7.

Urban Compost Tumbler 9.5
(UCT-9) Full Size

9.5 cubic feet
7.6 bushels
71 gallons

Base Dimensions:
Height: 43"
Width: 33"
Length: 34.25"
Weight: 70 lbs.
(ships in 2 oversize boxes)

Warranty: 10 years

Ships: Within 2-3 working days
Price included shipping to
lower 48-states.

$259.99 (Black color)

Assembly Instructions
Parts Catalog
Product Page


Urban Compost Tumbler 7.3
(UCT-7) Standard Size

7.3 cubic feet
6.0 bushels
55 gallons

Base Dimensions:
Height: 44"
Width: 32"
Length: 27"
Weight: 35 lbs.
(ships as barrel with stand inside)

Warranty: 10yr Trex, 5yr wood

Ships: Within 2-3 working days
Price includes shipping to
lower 48-states.

$178.99 (Gray color, Trex stand)

Assembly Instructions
Parts Catalog
Product Page


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